Are you ok?

It is so sad that today someone asked me if I am ok and that seemingly simple question brought me to uncontrollable tears. I guess I am glad it was through text so that the person didn’t see me crying and I could go on pretending like I am, in fact, just fine.

Part of me was crying because I now realize that the person knows me too well and I can’t hide anything anymore but it’s more the idea that the person cared enough to ask that got me. This is something I am not used to experiencing, that feeling like someone actually cares enough to ask how I am.

We rarely know the impact of our actions but sometimes, that simple question can change a person’s day hopefully in a positive way.

I am asking you now…How are you? Please feel free to tell me about your day because I’m listening

Celebrate the Victories

Hi everyone, I have been thinking about posting for a long time. I really prefer heartfelt and emotional posts. I actually write best when I am triggered and my emotions are raw. However, two months is way too long between posts.

I have noticed small changes in the way I see things. I am not sure why but I am able to see positive aspects in my day more than I have been before. To be honest, does it really matter why I am changing? It would be nice to understand the changes but at this point, I am just going to run with it.

The fact that I am willing to celebrate and point out my small or larger victories is groundbreaking. I am an emotional eater and food addict, I will eat almost anything. A few weeks ago, a cake made its way into my house, it was a cake that I generally do not like. Even when strung with emotion, I did not eat it. That’s massive for me. I am able to see that rather than all the other times that I binged.

Sometimes, it isn’t necessarily pointing out steps but also the way we view events. We can always find a silver lining in any experience. A minor example: last week, I was supposed to attend an event which was not far from my house which I missed. I knew there was another one coming up this week, although it is further away from home. I wasn’t sure if I would go or not but I realize that it is time alone in my car with my music blaring. What could be bad?!

I invite you to celebrate your victories with me no matter how large or small.

Thanks for listening

Have a good one 😊