Is it just me?

Hi again and welcome to my thoughts. Here I am triggered again and I hate my life.

I feel let down by someone extremely close to me. We talk everyday but one day she was busy with someone else and she did not call or text me. My husband is out of town for three days and I am lonely AF. Been crying on and off since yesterday and I’m left wondering again if I’m too damn sensitive. Is it fair of me to ask people to be extra aware of how their actions might affect me? I’d probably be way lonelier than I am now if I expected that. I don’t want to suck people’s energy out of them but I also don’t know how to get through life situations without overthinking everything.

After writing this, I realize that I am healing though because I feel like I deserve respect where beforehand, I just accepted that I am worthless and not deserving of much. I’m grateful for this.