Stronger than we believed

Step by step, I’m showing myself how strong I am and how far I have come.

Yes, I was abused as a child but I never told you that I was emotionally abused in my marriage. I finally decided that it’s enough and we are now officially separated. We have spoken about divorce several times throughout our 18 years together but I finally decided that it’s never going to be healthy. The strength necessary to take that leap is MASSIVE, especially when being abused. When getting married. I had false hopes. Being put down and again, told that I’m not good enough makes it that much harder to get up and leave. I wish I knew what is contributing to this change but I know that it has spilled over into other areas.

I will never give advice but I am here to build you up if I can. I wish those living in similar situations to find their strength to leave. I love you and I’m sending massive hugs.

This resource is for Quebec. I know it is not always ideal but another option is 911.

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