Why am I Doing This?

At the Montreal JCW (Jewish Community Watch) event in November 2015, I heard several people telling their stories of abuse. I was so empowered that I wanted to get up and tell my story even if I started the night in tears afraid of telling people that I was abused. I have always felt a sense of shame for being abused and that I shouldn’t talk about it because I would be drawing uneccesary attention to myself. I am not speaking up because I want attention, I am speaking up because it is so empowering!!! I do not have to be ashamed that I was abused. It’s one step in the admission that it WAS NOT MY FAULT!! I was 9 years old, how could it be my fault. At the event, I bfound out that some of my friends were abused as well. It is alarming that in one evening, I found out about 3 more people who were abused. I am speaking up as part of my healing and as a message to others who may have been abused that you do not have to remain in shame. It helps to reach out and talk about it, start to get the help that you need. You will see what a difference in makes.